Learn first-hand how you can create a deep and lasting relationship with your horse.


Join Our Matching Feet Clinics.
Learn and build a new relationship with your horses.

Matching Feet is the gateway to matching direction, energy, intention, and mood. It leads to the merging of bodies, minds, and hearts, of horse and rider. At Matching Feet clinics you will learn how to establish a centaur-like connection with your horse. Your relationship with your horse will become deeper, friendlier, more intense. Your riding will become nearly effortless as you and your horse learn to move together as one.

Matching Feet clinics focus on five subject areas:

  1. Human awareness of balance and movement
  2. Horse psychology and communication
  3. Communicating with horses through words and body language
  4. Matching Feet by the horse’s side
  5. Merging bodies while mounted

While these concepts can be introduced to the intellect, they must be experienced to be really understood. It’s the kinetic experience of balance, movement, and timing by one’s self, with a human partner, and then with a horse partner that enables participants to begin merging their movements with those of their horse.

What People Are Saying

"It was very creative, and it was beyond what I would have expected. It helped me to understand the effects of my weight and shifting of balance on my horse. Also, giving him a verbal cue to get his attention, and changing my energy to go with him into the transition.

"It helped me to connect with myself as well as my horse. I learned to be with my horse instead of on him."

"It was a re-awakening of things I had forgotten since childhood. The next day as we rode up and down on the trail, my connection with my horse was much better. "

"I had never attended anything like this. Everyone including the horses were having fun. No one chased, frightened or insisted that the horses do anything. We just played together. I was amazed at the beauty of the horses and riders moving together."

Clinic Schedule


evening arrivals for out-of-area participants

Saturday: Matching Feet

  • 7:00 am Local arrivals
  • 8:00 am Coffee/tea/donuts and introductions
  • 9:00 am Balance/Movement/Timing exercises
  • 10:30 am Horse psychology/Good & Nice
  • 11:00 am Matching Feet w/ human partner
  • 12:00 pm Lunch
  • 1:00 pm Horse/Human communication
  • 1:30 pm Good & Nice w/equine partner/groom/tack
  • 2:30 pm Matching Feet on the ground w/equine partner
  • 3:00 pm Break
  • 3:30 pm Matching Feet Mounted
  • 4:00 pm Discussion
  • 5:00 pm Local departures

Sunday: Merging Bodies

  • 7:00 am Local Arrivals
  • 8:00 am Coffee/tea/donuts and discussion
  • 9:00 am Balance/Movement/Timing exercises
  • 9:30 am Good & Nice w/equine partner/groom/tack
  • 10:30 am Matching feet on the ground w/equine partner
  • 11:00 pm Merging bodies mounted
  • 12:00 pm Lunch and Discussion
  • 1:00 pm Leisure Ride
  • 2:00 pm Discussion
  • 3:00 pm Farewells


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Bitless horse-rider teams practice ground & flat work, trail-riding, and traversing obstacles. An action-packed two-day experience!.

  • April 23-24
  • May 14-15
  • June 11-12
  • July 16-17
  • August 6-7
  • September 24-25
  • October 15-16
  • November 5-6
  • December 3-4

NEW! An optional third day of group practice with a half-hour private session will be offered at the end of each clinic. Space is limited! Auditors: $50 Riders: $200

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