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Learn first-hand how you can create a deep and lasting relationship with your horse.


Chris Forté Horsemanship Clinics

Our two-day clinics help horse-rider teams of all levels of riding experience to become relaxed, focused, confident, and synchronized so that pulling, kicking, bits, spurs, crops and other forceful methods intended to “make” a horse do something, are not needed. Discussions will include: horse psychology, reflexes, and behavior and human to horse communication through positive reinforcement. Before mounting, students will focus on body- awareness and practice movements alone, with a human partner, and on the ground with their horses. Once these movements are understood, horse-rider teams will perform flat work in the arena; traverse an obstacle course that includes a car-wash, bridge, labyrinth, and gate; trail-ride through a mini-forest with tall trees, a bridge, water-crossing, and meadow; and navigate a cross-country jumping course.

Optional Day-three*: This optional third-day allows horse and rider teams to practice their newly developed skills. Each participant will experience at least a one half-hour private training session as well as a group lesson as well as additional time to explore new ideas on one’s own.

Expect an action-packed experience that will change your horse-human relationships for the rest of your life!

“Where horses and humans learn to think and move as one”

Attendees learn to:

• Break the horse-human communication barrier with positive reinforcement
• Move in unison with your horse
• Ride bitless using your seat rather than your reigns

Upcoming Clinics

April 23-24

May 14-15

June 11-12

July 16-17

August 6-7

September 24-25

October 15-16

November 5-6

December 3-4

*Optional third practice day on the Monday following the clinic.

Don’t see a date that works for you? Contact Chris to arrange a private clinic for you and your friends.


Participant Cost, 2-day clinic: $200
Additional third day practice session: $100
Auditor Cost: $50
Don’t see a date that works for you? Contact Chris to arrange a private clinic for you and your friends.


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What People Are Saying

"It was very creative, and it was beyond what I would have expected. It helped me to understand the effects of my weight and shifting of balance on my horse. Also, giving him a verbal cue to get his attention, and changing my energy to go with him into the transition.

"It helped me to connect with myself as well as my horse. I learned to be with my horse instead of on him."

"It was a re-awakening of things I had forgotten since childhood. The next day as we rode up and down on the trail, my connection with my horse was much better. "

"I had never attended anything like this. Everyone including the horses were having fun. No one chased, frightened or insisted that the horses do anything. We just played together. I was amazed at the beauty of the horses and riders moving together."