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A Horse Named Chief
From humble beginnings to a beautiful life

Bryce is a ten-year student at EBHRC. She recently rescued Chief, a starving 22-year old quarter-horse. Chief’s former owners could no longer afford to feed him so were going to have a veterinarian euthanize him. Bryce brought Chief over to EBHRC where he has put on over a hundred pounds in four weeks. He has partnered up with 29-year old former race-horse, Jumping Jack Flash. Read Bryce’s blog as she introduces Chief to a life of health and happiness.

Here is an excerpt from this wonderful story:

Chief like many horses his age had come to the end of the road. Rescued by a well-meaning neighbor and subsequently adopted out it wasn’t long before he was he was returned underweight and more broken than ever. He was described to me as a good horse who listened well, but what I saw was a horse who had been bullied into submission and who obeyed so he wouldn’t be punished. There was simply no spark there; no fire and his lack of energy had nothing to do with age.

A 22 year-old Quarter Horse Chief still had a solid frame but his Chestnut coat was ill fitting and pocked with abuse from horses higher in the pecking order. He looked like an expensive lawn ornament to me with dull eyes. I was assured that he was indeed a “good horse” but I was skeptical as my stomach began to ache.

The neighbor planned to send him to another horse rescue who inevitably euthanized older, harder to adopt horses. Chief didn’t stand a chance; I couldn’t even get him to lift his head so I could look him in the eyes.

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