To help guide you to a deeper relationship with your horse.


The Horse View of the World
The Horse's photo album

Horses experience each moment as a collection of perceptions and emotions. They remember these moments as a series of mental images. The images are full of sight, sound, tactile feelings and emotions. If the image includes positive emotions, the horse will want to repeat the image. If the picture represents unpleasant emotions, the horse will not want to experience that "picture" again.

Horses learn by comparing pictures stored in their memories. It only takes four to seven images of a particular activity for a horse to include the activity in his or her permanent memory photo album. Once imprinted in the memory the horse will look forward to recreating that photo again and again. On the other hand, if the experience produced a "bad" photo, he or she will try to avoid similar scenes.

Think of each activity or time you share with your horse as a time for creating a snap-shot or painting to place in his or her memory album. If your horse tells you that he or she does not like how a picture is coming together, stop painting it and paint one that you know your horse enjoys.

When you and your horse are learning a new activity, build on the "happy themes" you both have previously enjoyed. Only change one small element of the picture at a time. A photo with too many new elements worries your horse. Your horse finds comfort in familiar and happy experiences.


Bitless horse-rider teams practice ground & flat work, trail-riding, and traversing obstacles. An action-packed two-day experience!.

  • August 8 - 9 (Sat-Sun) Orangevale, CA
  • August 22 - 23 (Sat-Sun) Orangevale, CA
  • September 12 - 13 (Sat-Sun) Orangevale, CA
  • September 26 - 27 (Sat-Sun) Orangevale, CA
  • October 10 - 11 (Sat-Sun) Orangevale, CA
  • November 7 - 8 (Sat-Sun) Orangevale, CA

NEW! An optional third day of group practice with a half-hour private session will be offered at the end of each clinic. Space is limited! Auditors: $50 Riders: $200

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