Learn to Dance

Rather than just teaching how to ride, we teach
how you can dance with your horse.


Empathy, Encouragement
and Support

Learn to communicate with your equine companion.
Our clinics offer a full range education
from beginner to the advanced student.


Sharing Our Experience

We offer free articles that highlight
certain subjects about horse's such as their psychology
and physiology that will help you gain
a deeper understanding of horse behavior.


A mission to bring horse and humans together

At EBHRC, our mission is to bring you and
your equine closer so that you can experience
the full potential of your relationship.


Transforming your horse

An old horse can still hold years of companionship and learn new lessons. Bad habits can be undone and new deepening of your relationship with your horse can be discovered.



A New Horse-Human Relationship.
We believe in befriending our horse companions. We don't break them.

The Equine Behavioral Health Resource Center (EBHRC) explores how human-horse relationships can enhance rather than diminish horses’ well-being. Horse lovers learn how to be that safe haven for their horses. That friendship begins on the ground but is just as important during mounted activities. A horse who is ridden in friendship is a joy to ride. There is no refusing, no pulling, and no up-sets.

A Safe Haven. Create a place to play and exercise both body and mind.
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A Teacher. Educate your horses to regulate their emotions, and thoughts.
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A Companion.Be someone with whom the horse can attach and trust.
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A Mentor.You are a role model who inspires and encourages.
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Every horse needs empathy, encouragement and support. These are the principles that guide our relationships.


Bitless horse-rider teams practice ground & flat work, trail-riding, and traversing obstacles. An action-packed two-day experience!.

  • April 23-24
  • May 14-15
  • June 11-12
  • July 16-17
  • August 6-7
  • September 24-25
  • October 15-16
  • November 5-6
  • December 3-4

NEW! An optional third day of group practice with a half-hour private session will be offered at the end of each clinic. Space is limited! Auditors: $50 Riders: $200

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The Female Influence.

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